1/18 Songwriter’s Night #2

by Suzanne Stafford

Songwriter’s Night #2!

This time we will be getting intimate with local songsters Suzanne Stafford (of Come Hell or High Water), Josh Neas (J’s Indie Rock Mayhem on WQFS), Josh Watson (of The Grand Ol’ Uproar) as well as Dillon Hodges from Nashville, TN.

Elise Ikoku will be our lovely moderator for the evening.

We will hear a short set from Dr. Drave during our intermission.

Here’s how it will go- with all songwriters on stage at the same time, taking turns:

1: The Beginning.  How did you get into songwriting?  Play one of the first songs you wrote, or an early song of yours

2Songwriting.  How do you write?  Play something new that you’ve been working on.

3: Covers.  Play a cover song that you enjoy.  Tell the audience about your next show.

 INTERMISSION :  Dr Drave (25 minutes)

4:  Playing Favorites.  play us one of your favorite songs that you wrote – and tell us why you chose this particular song

5:  Request/Audience interaction:  Tell us about your next show/ project/ recording. play any request the audience has for you (one of your songs), or take questions from the audience.  Play any song of yours, with a brief description of what you were going through when you wrote it , if no one is there to request one from you. 

6.  Anything goes:  in closing, play us one of your songs and tell us what it means to you, or what you were going through when you wrote it.

This special event will start promptly at 9:30pm.  $5 admission.

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